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Investing in Charm City Baltimore

Investing in Charm City


Baltimore is a City of neighborhoods. While tourists may flock to Camden Yards or M&T Stadium, residents know that the true allure of Charm City lies in its unique and historic communities. The distinct nature of Baltimore attracts artists, scientists, restaurateurs, Government employees, and laborers alike, allowing the city to flourish as a diverse place to work, live, and invest.

Unfortunately, the success of the American crime drama, The Wire, has painted Baltimore in a poor light. The series focuses on the drug activity and crime throughout the city and fails to highlight the intense character and soul that makes Charm City so attractive to its residents. If you’ve yet to visit Baltimore City, discover why so many people still prefer to call The Land of Pleasant Living “home.”

Take a Tour with a Local

In Baltimore, the neighborhoods change from block to block. In one radius, you’ll find the high-rise waterfront apartments of the Inner Harbor. In the next, you’ll discover Baltimore’s creative district and thriving art scene. If you’re looking to invest in Baltimore property, it’s important to know where to start.

The Inner Harbor is the ideal location for individuals or families looking to enjoy a high market lifestyle. Access to spectacular waterfront views, retail shopping, entertainment venues, and restaurants make the Inner Harbor a desirable place to live.

johns hopkins

Charles Village is located just a couple of miles away from Mt. Vernon. The area hosts a variety of people, including the many college students attending Johns Hopkins University, professionals, and young couples who simply love the row houses that make up this historic neighborhood. Residents enjoy local shops, a farmer’s market, and the Baltimore Museum of Art which features the largest public holding of works by Henri Matisse in the world.

The vibrant, bustling streets of Federal Hill are lined with historical beauty. Commuters and professionals may take advantage of the area’s convenient access to I95 and I395, but residents all agree that Federal Hill is a lovely place to call home. Restaurants, boutiques, and venues provide a lively nightlife for “Fed Hill” socialites, while manicured parks offer locals a place to walk their dog, enjoy a picnic, or relax.

Baltimore City Facts

– There are currently 220,000 households in Baltimore

– 130,000 households (52% of all households) are rental units

– 36% of households are occupied by one person while 39% are occupied by two, which means that 75% of the households in Baltimore or occupied by one or two-person households. The demand for single and couple living spaces has created a prime market for rental investors.

– Of the 130,000 rental households, 80% were built before 1970, many of which have been updated and restored. Many of these renovated, historic spaces have been converted into apartment buildings.

Discover the Investment Opportunities  

Baltimore’s geographical location makes it a desirable place to work and live. The Beltway is just twenty miles away from the

Washington, D.C. Beltway, which has a tremendous impact on Baltimore’s economy and socio-economic makeup. Many government employees choose to live in Baltimore due to its location, lower cost of living, and access to commuter trains. John Hopkins is the number three recipient of NIH research dollars in the United States, which creates jobs in a variety of sectors from research to general labor. A diverse thread of Baltimore City residents, from surgeons to janitorial staff, benefit from several John Hopkins organizations. Federal influence paired with Baltimore City institutions such as John Hopkins provides a stable base for the city’s economy.

Learn More About Baltimore

If you’re interested in investing in Baltimore, Ben Frederick Realty is here to help. With over 3 generations and 100 years of apartment property sales, management, and development experience in Baltimore, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect investment property. Feel free to give us a call at (410) 752-6400 or send us an email on our contact page.