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Tribute to Benedict J. Frederick Jr., MAI, CRE

My father, Benedict J. Frederick Jr., died February 7, 2019, just shy of his 87th Birthday. In my last conversation with him, he told me that he was proud of me and he loved me. I told him how honored I am to be his son and that I loved him. He taught me most […]

Corey Brown discusses Source of Income and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program in Baltimore City

Corey Brown, President of C. Brown Property Management & Investment, LLC in Baltimore City explains why Source of Income legislation in Baltimore City will be detrimental to housing providers. Watch the shorter edit of the interview: Watch the full interview below:  

Corey Brown: Baltimore Property Manager Discusses Landlord Challenges

Corey D. Brown, President of C. Brown Property Management & Investments, LLC, discusses being a property manager in Baltimore City. 

Deduct 20% of your rental income when you file your 2018 income taxes!

This was just posted by the National Association of Realtors Legislative Affairs office: Eligibility of rental income  If you generate rental property income, that income can also qualify for the new deduction, as long as you can show that your rental operation is part of a trade or business. The IRS has released proposed guidelines […]

“Source of Income” Legislation in Baltimore City

Click here to read my Op-Ed published in the January 14th edition of The Baltimore Sun where I share information and perspective from the point of view of a Baltimore City resident and a rental housing provider on the important issue of using “Source of Income” legislation to force all Baltimore City landlords to accept […]

4 Ways to Earn Money on Rental Properties in Baltimore

Investing in real estate is an excellent way to build wealth and expand one’s income, especially in a vibrant city like Baltimore, Maryland. Every year, young professionals and families flock to Baltimore for opportunities at John Hopkins, Under Armour, T. Rowe Price and beyond. If you are comparing stock market and other investments to owning […]