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Winter Weather Preparation for Property Investors

Snow might be the last thing on your mind when the temperatures float between 80 and 90 degrees, but experts advise that August is the perfect time to establish a snow removal plan. Last year, the snow storms continued late into March, and the Farmer’s Almanac predicts another blistery winter ahead. Make winter in Charm City an enjoyable season for you and your investment property, and consider the following snowstorm preparation tips.

Fulfill Legal Obligations

In Baltimore City, residents are required by law to remove the snow on their property within 24 hours after the storm ends. If you fail to plan accordingly, you could be left with three feet of snow on your doorstep and a hefty fine. If a person passing through your property slips on an icy sidewalk or unpaved walkway, you would be considered negligent. Establishing a snow removal plan early eliminates your chance of receiving a fine or a lawsuit down the road.

Establish Good Relationships

You might be heading to the beach this weekend, but snow removal contractors are thinking about the work ahead. Having a good relationship with your snow removal team is essential to your property being at the top of your contractor’s list.  When there is a big snow storm and your contractor can’t be reached because you waited until the last minute, or you were slow paying your bill, could be a source of added expense, stress, and headaches, just when you need it the least.

Evaluate Inventory

Don’t wait until the snow begins to fall to stock up on ice melt materials. Review prior year consumption patterns and pre-order your products today. When that January snowstorm hits, every local supplier will either be out of stock or charging extra for standard products. Receive better quality materials and more competitive pricing by ordering your ice melt materials during the summer.

Enjoy Winter in Baltimore

Winter storms in Maryland are sometimes harsh, covering the row homes in a blanket of crisp, white snow. Enjoy the winter wonderland and the many wonderful activities that the city offers throughout the season. Thursday, December 7, 2017 marks the 46th Annual Monument Lighting at the Washington Monument in Historic Mount Vernon.  I hope to see you there for a festive evening including live music, good food, and spectacular fireworks.

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