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Why Charles Village is Great for Investment Properties in Baltimore

As part of an ongoing series, Ben Frederick Realty is looking at neighborhoods in Baltimore that present great opportunities for those looking to purchase investment properties in Baltimore.

Baltimore City is a collection of very diverse and unique neighborhoods, each offering engaging reasons for property investors to put their resources into them. Charles Village offers alluring advantages to those seeking investment properties in Baltimore. It is a commuter hub, home to one of the City’s largest universities, and offers a distinct sense of community to its residents. Let’s take a look at how each of these aspects make Charles Village a great place for real estate investment in Baltimore.

A Hub for Commuters and Students

Charles Village is known across Baltimore for the Johns Hopkins University – Homewood Campus located there. The campus hosts both undergraduate and graduate students who seek housing options throughout the neighborhood. The location of Johns Hopkins has driven investment into the area, keeping it bustling with shops, apartment buildings, and easily accessible, university-run transit that can be more efficient than city-operated transit options. Charles Village is also easily accessible for commuters thanks to its convenient location next to I-83. The presence of Johns Hopkins in the neighborhood also keeps residents safe thanks to continuous campus security monitoring neighborhoods around the clock. This welcoming, safe environment makes Charles Village a prime place to purchase investment properties in Baltimore.

A Community Environment

While Charles Village is known for the location of Johns Hopkins, the neighborhood also possesses a strong sense of community. Centering the neighborhood is Wyman Park Dell, a recreational park with walking/biking paths, and a variety of playgrounds with new amenities perfect for families. Charles Village also hosts the Waverly Farmers Market every Saturday year-round. This farmers market is popular across the city and brings diverse vendors from local farms and stores throughout the state. These elements create an environment that feels connected and comfortable for residents. For investors, this desirability can help drive the prices of investment properties in Charles Village.

Wyman Park Dell

Overflowing With Amenities

Thanks to the foot traffic generated by the university and park, Charles Village’s high desirability from residents is supported by a large number of shops, restaurants, and bars. From local Baltimore staples such as Charles Village Pub and Towson Hot Bagels to chain restaurants and grocery stores, everything a resident needs is contained within the neighborhood. The MedStar Memorial Hospital is also located in Charles Village, providing prompt medical services for residents in addition to staff in need of housing.

Eddie’s Market of Charles Village

Charles Village has long been regarded as one of the best neighborhoods for investment properties in Baltimore. With a strong sense of community, a constant influx of new residents, and fantastic amenities, it is the perfect place to begin your real estate investment journey or expand your investment portfolio. Contact Ben Frederick Realty today to learn about our Charles Village properties.