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virtual tours in Baltimore

The Benefits of Virtual Tours in Baltimore

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a serious issue, we’re all having to adjust the ways we live and conduct businesses to keep ourselves and those around us safe. For both property buyers and sellers, techology offers great options to keep the real estate market thriving while providing safety for all. One indespensible tool the team at Ben Frederick is using are our virtual tours. Let’s take a look at how they work and the benefits of virtual tours in Baltimore.

The Ability to View Properties While Prioritizing Social Distancing

Even before COVID-19 became a pressing issue, virtual tours were being utilized by property owners and investors to provide an ease-of-access to prospective buyers. Now, this method has become indispensable. Virtual tours allow buyers to step inside a property from the comfort of their couch or office. This keeps both them and real estate agents, as well as current tenants, safe.

More Than Just a Video Tour

The process of video walkthroughs of properties has been pretty common for many years. However, depending on the camera quality and filming techniques, it may be difficult for a buyer to get an accurate feeling for a property’s size and layout. At Ben Frederick, we have invested in better technology to make this process more engaging and accurate. We utilize a Matterport 3D Camera. This specialized camera and data suite create a digital twin of the property to accurately convey depth-of-field and the property size. It also allows us to build 3D floor plans so buyers can see what the property physically looks like on the inside. This is an essential tool for virtual tours in Baltimore, and highly recommended for all investment property buyers and sellers.

The Ability to Interact

Another downside of the video tour method is that it doesn’t allow buyers to have questions answered. However, by utilizing video conferencing software like Zoom, a real estate agent can be made available to guide a client through the property and answer their questions, the same they would in-person. It’s important that social distancing does not limit our ability to interact with our clients, and video chats are a crucial companion to every virtual tour.

Virtual Tours in Baltimore Are an Essential Tool

For both property investors and buyers alike, virtual tours are a great way to keep everyone safe while still providing the ability to conduct business. Investing in the technology that makes this process more welcoming and flexible should be recommended for all property owners.

The team at Ben Frederick is proud to still be able to work with our valued clients while adhering to government guidelines and best health and safety practices. To schedule a virtual tour of our properties, contact the team today.