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Review from another satisfied investor

Dear Ben –

  I wanted to thank you again for being so incredibly helpful in setting me up to succeed with this new building.  Your information, advice, and all of the paperwork you gave to me with the keys to the building (a very exciting moment!) are invaluable and are the reason I will be able to make this work so well.  I doubt there are others out there who have considered how their clients do in the days after they acquire a new property in the same way you have. You, however basically set me up so that I have a firm platform of contractors and information on which to build my business. (And I appreciate your setting my building on the road to recovery with the pest control visit and lesson in how to get these things done!)

 Working with you has been a pleasure from day one, when you showed me around Baltimore and explained how the city worked and was laid out.  You showed me so many different properties, and explained a lot of things to me as I searched for the right property for me.  I am so pleased I had the good fortune of encountering you so quickly, and doing business with you – something I will look forward to doing again in the future. 

 Warmest regards