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Reasons to Invest in Mt. Vernon

As part of an ongoing series, Ben Frederick Realty is taking a look at the great real estate investors and prospective landlords should invest in unique Baltimore neighborhoods. For this iteration, let’s take a look at reasons to invest in Mt. Vernon. 

The incredible diversity of Baltimore’s different unique communities can’t be understated. For Mt. Vernon, one of Baltimore’s central hubs, this rings especially true. When looking for reasons to invest in Mt. Vernon, its charm, character, and phenomenal attractions all work to create a neighborhood that is unlike any other in the city. Let’s take the time to assess why property investors are spoiled for reasons to invest in Mt. Vernon.

Location, Location, Location

Any who work in real estate know how important location is to desirability, and in turn, property values. Mt. Vernon embodies the success of location in a city space thanks to its wonderfully central location within Baltimore. The Inner Harbor is a short few minutes away, providing residents with easy access all of downtown’s amenities, such as sports stadiums and the Convention Center. Meanwhile, students who choose to live in Mt. Vernon are very close to some of Baltimore’s premier schools, including Maryland Institute College of Arts, Johns Hopkins Homewood, UMD Medical Campus, and the University of Baltimore. Additionally, commuters have ease of access to 83, meaning Mt. Vernon is an ideal local for city dwellers who have to travel for work. The location offered by this neighborhood is one of the most compelling reasons to invest in Mt. Vernon.


Unbeatable Attractions

When considering reasons to invest in Mt. Vernon, location isn’t the sole draw the neighborhood has to offer. Mt. Vernon is often considered one of Baltimore’s most inviting neighborhoods thanks to its incredible offering of attractions. Mt. Vernon is recognizable by the historic Washington Monument that centers the neighborhood. Right around the corner sits Walters Art Museum, a fantastic attraction that offers free entry to view wonderful historic art pieces. Those looking to catch a show can experience phenomenal showings at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Perhaps, residents want to understand the history of Baltimore better? They can swing by the Enoch Pratt Free Library, a Baltimore staple that not only hosts community events but also displays the intriguing historical legacy of the city. The reasons to invest in Mt. Vernon are plentiful, and are heavily tied to the wonderful attractions in the area.


Eat, Drink, Be Merry

All of the attractions don’t matter unless residents in Mt. Vernon actually have local hubs to spend their time. Fortunately, Mt. Vernon is home to phenomenal restaurants, bars, and parks that help make the area a place to not only spend time in, but actually live in. One staple is Ceremony Coffee, a Baltimore hub that is recognized across the city. Those looking to experience a slice of Baltimore history while having a drink can find their way to The Owl Bar, a historic location with its history stretching back to the Prohibition-era and the owl statues used to warn revelers of impending law enforcement. Spending time outside is no problem in Mt. Vernon, as the Washington Monument provides a lovely central space for residents to experience the outdoors right in their backyard.


Ben Frederick Realty Can Help You Find the Right Investments in Mt. Vernon

As we’ve seen, there are numerous reasons to invest in Mt. Vernon. The community is a cultural hub for the city, combining great attractions, phenomenal location, and lovely restaurants to create a community that is not only inviting but exciting. Ben Frederick Realty can help you find the perfect properties to invest in throughout Mt. Vernon. Contact us today to learn more about all the wonderful opportunities Mt. Vernon has to offer.