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Reasons to Invest in Hampden

As part of an ongoing series, Ben Frederick Realty is taking a look at the great real estate investors and prospective landlords should invest in unique Baltimore neighborhoods. Today, we dive into reasons to invest in Hampden.

Baltimore, as a city, is one that continues to grow and evolve every single day. When trying to understand where to invest, it’s important to know how each individual community within the city informs investment opportunities. Hampden is one of Baltimore’s staple communities that helps inform the identity of the city of Baltimore as a whole. Let’s take a look at reasons to invest in Hampden, Baltimore, and how this growing community offers a great opportunity to real estate investors in the area.

A Sense of Community

When considering reasons to invest in Hampden, Baltimore, a sense of community is incredibly important. Communities that have a strong sense of identity are very beneficial for investors. Having a strong sense of community helps encourage prospective renters and buyers of which community is best to live in. Communities that are strongly engaged like Hampden help encourage this feeling. Events such as HonFest, held annually in Hampden, breed communication and connectivity between community members, making it an ideal location for prospective residents that want a safe and trustworthy environment. As many residents know, the sense of community is one of the best reasons to invest in Hampden, Baltimore.


A Unique Approach To Business

While the sense of community in Hampden is incredibly important, it’s just one of many reasons to invest in Hampden, Baltimore. Another great reason is the unique approach of local Hampden businesses. Many businesses in the area satisfy niche needs of Baltimore only this specific community can meet. Meanwhile, other shops appeal to wider needs of the area. Atomic Books, for instance, offers a lovely local flair while Golden West Cafe draws in citywide attention for its renowned cuisine. The businesses in Hampden help encourage the independent mindset of the community.  

A Different Kind of Neighborhood

The list of reasons to invest in Hampden, Baltimore, should be also be informed by how the properties actually speak to you as a prospective investor. And in that sense, Hampden has a very unique style to offer. Some of Baltimore’s most well-known neighborhoods like Mt. Vernon and Harbor East feature more properties closely divided into apartments. Hampden, on the other hand, is a community made up largely of town-homes, which some landlords prefer to apartments and other rental properties. While this isn’t applicable to all areas of the city, townhouses in Hampden can provide investors with a phenomenal investment.

Don’t branch out into investment alone. Ben Frederick Realty can help you find the best properties in Hampden that’ll allow you to put your money into a phenomenal community. Contact us today!.