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Reasons to Invest in Fells Point and Harbor East

As part of an ongoing series, Ben Frederick Realty is taking a look at the great real estate investors and prospective landlords should invest in unique Baltimore neighborhoods. For this entry, we’re looking at reasons to invest in Fells Point and Harbor East.

If you’re hoping to experience Baltimore’s nightlife, or its history, or both at once, Fells Point is the neighborhood that usually gets brought up. However, in recent years the revitalization of neighboring Harbor East has brought a whole new swath of real estate development, restaurants, and new businesses. There are a plethora of reasons to invest in Fells Point and Harbor East. Let’s take a look at each of those in more detail!

Historic Charm, Modern Amenities

Few neighborhoods create such a compelling historic picture of Baltimore in the way Fells Point does. Fells originated as a working-class community, notable for its sizeable shipbuilding industry thanks to its advantageous waterfront location. While Fells has rapidly evolved into a service based neighborhood thanks to the plethora of shops, bars, and eateries, it still does maintain its manufacturing spine thanks to the grain factory H&S Bakery, Inc. Harbor East meanwhile, was home to industrial decay following the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904. However, recent efforts to revitalize the neighborhood have led to phenomenal results. Thanks to the corporate presence of companies such as Under Armor and Legg Mason, Harbor East has rapidly become one of Baltimore’s most cosmopolitan neighborhoods. This meeting place between historic legacy and modern amenities is just one of the great reasons to invest in Fells Point and Harbor East.

Baltimore’s Nightlife Hub

For anyone familiar with the area, it’s no secret that one of the best reasons to invest in Fells Point and Harbor East is for the allure of its nightlife. On weekends, Fells Point plays host to some of the biggest bar-going crowds in the city. This is thanks in part to the diverse offerings of bars to attend with something to offer everyone. The Rockwell draws a huge college-age crowd with a huge dance floor and live drummer. Meanwhile, those looking for a more subdued and historic watering hole can be found at The Horse You Came In On Saloon. This unique bar holds the distinction of being Maryland’s only bar to function before, during, and after Prohibition. Meanwhile, those who desire an upscale drinking experience can stop by the Sagamore Pendry Hotel’s beautiful bar. All of these great attractions make for great property prices, offering great reasons to invest in Fells Point and Harbor East.


Premier Shopping, and Eateries

Both the history and nightlife stand out as signature features of Fells Point and Harbor East. However, equally as appealing is the plethora of great shopping destinations that allow residents to access any resources they need easily. From lovely specialty boutiques like The Seasoned Olive to chains like Whole Foods, Fells Point and Harbor East has everything residents need to be comfortable. Beyond comfort, the offering of inventive and delicious places to eat is staggering. Try signature Baltimore Seafood at Thames Street Oyster House, or order dishes to share at the unique Bond Street Social. With a 96 Walk score, Fells Point is one of Baltimore’s most walkable neighborhoods. This offers residents flexibility in how they get around, benefitting both commuters and those who prefer to stay in their local area.


Ben Frederick Realty Can Help You

As we’ve seen, there’s plenty of reasons to invest in Fells Point and Harbor East. As some of Baltimore’s most beloved neighborhoods, they offer you the unbeatable opportunity to maximize your real estate development in both commercial and residential spaces. Contact us today!