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Agency Disclosure

Unless and until there is a written Buyer-Broker Agency Agreement signed with a prospective Buyer, then Ben Frederick Realty, Inc. (BFR), Ben Frederick Realty, Inc. represents the Seller. (“seller” includes “landlord” and “buyer” includes “tenant”, and “purchase” or “sale” includes “lease”) Requirements While BFR represents the Seller, the following requirements apply to BFR and its…

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Notice to Tenants when an Rent Notice is Filed

Baltimore City requires a notice to be sent to each tenant at the time a “Failure to Pay Rent” (FPR) notice is filed. Both the Sheriff and the landlord are required to send this notice to the tenant: From Sheriff John W. Anderson Dear Tenant: You are receiving this notice because your landlord has filed…

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Reasons to Invest in Mt. Vernon

As part of an ongoing series, Ben Frederick Realty is taking a look at the great real estate investors and prospective landlords should invest in unique Baltimore neighborhoods. For this iteration, let’s take a look at reasons to invest in Mt. Vernon.  The incredible diversity of Baltimore’s different unique communities can’t be understated. For Mt….

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Ben Frederick Jr, and Ben Frederick III

Tribute to Benedict J. Frederick Jr., MAI, CRE

My father, Benedict J. Frederick Jr., died February 7, 2019, just shy of his 87th Birthday. In my last conversation with him, he told me that he was proud of me and he loved me. I told him how honored I am to be his son and that I loved him. He taught me most…

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